3 Parts of the Journey Made Easier by Minimal Travelling


Travelling in a minimal way is far better in a number of respects. If you haven’t yet considered this approach then here are a few reasons why it is going to make your life easier.

The Transport

When you go on a flight abroad you might think it doesn’t really matter how much stuff you pack. After all, the plane is going to take the strain, isn’t it? While this is certainly true for part of the journey there are other parts where heaving around a giant suitcase could be troublesome. For example, getting on a bus or walking from the bus stop to your hotel could be a hassle in this situation. Of course, you never know what is going to await you on your arrival either.

It could be that there is a bad weather, a transport strike or something else which makes the transport situation more complicated. It is best to always think about what you would do in the worst case scenario. Could you carry all of your luggage a reasonable distance if there were no other option open to you?

The Airport

Even in the airport, you could find that you need to cover some distance before being able to check in your luggage in some airports. If you are travelling from one of the world’s biggest airports then you might find that you need to walk from one terminal to another, for example. After the flight, you will also want to get out of the airport and have some fun as soon as possible. This is definitely a lot easier when you don’t have a lot of luggage with you.

In the case of travelling with just hand luggage, you can just saunter out of the airport without having to hang about. On the other hand, if you need to wait at the luggage carousel for your hold luggage then this can cause you a big delay as well as the concern about whether the suitcase or bag will actually turn up on the carousel at some point.

The Relaxation

From Nail Salons in Houston, TX to Massages in San Jose, CA – one of the most underrated aspects of travel is the unwinding part. Travel is romantic on paper but when reality hits and the stresses of the broken down transport starts getting to you – you’ll want to take care of your health and wellbeing because being stressed on vacation kind of defeats the purpose of a vacation!

The Packing

Perhaps the most obvious difference between travelling light and taking a lot of baggage is with the packing element. For a start, when you are at home planning the trip you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time agonizing over what to pack and how to squeeze it all in. It is far more exciting to just pack the basics and head off without any worries about such things. Even more noticeable is the difference when you are in your hotel getting ready to go home.

Many travellers have ended their trips badly over the years by struggling to work out how they are going to fit in all of their belongings as well as any gifts or souvenirs they have bought while there. It is a far better idea to end the trip on a high note by heading home without any concerns about how you can get it all packed safely and on time.


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