3 Underdeveloped Places to See Before they Explode


The recently opened up country has announced their arrival on the global scene in style. After the US President visited Myanmar, the country has enjoyed increased international attention: both political and touristic. As a result, its numbers have slowly risen. What’s more, the government has invited serious investment from renowned hotel chains and investors to revamp its hospitality scene. The result is a growing tourism industry, complete with relaxed tourism regulations.

Make sure you enjoy the delights of Mandalay, the ancient city of Bagan, the thrill of the Ayeyarwaddi River and so much more on your holiday in Myanmar. Home to untouched beauty, villages still frozen in time, and beautiful landscapes, the country is a gem worth exploring. The rate at which it is opening up, it will soon lose its virgin status. So head on over before the rest of the world discovers what they have been missing.


India’s position as a tourist powerhouse has always been there. So it may come as a surprise to many that we have included it here in the list….at the top. Here is why: India is poised to explode. Already, the continental country gets up to 5 million visitors per year. However, that figure is set to rise with the exponential increase in number of attractions, as well as the affordability of its destinations and cheap airlines. India is also fast becoming a hub for luxury tourism. In addition, the government and private sector have pumped millions in marketing India, setting it up for a numbers explosion.

So before the country’s numbers increase, head over and enjoy the attractions before it becomes a tourist trap. There are so many attractions to enjoy, each state offering a unique experience, culture, and attraction. Be daring and head on North West for largely undiscovered trails and attractions. While the major attractions are great, the small things will change you. The experience of a real shrine, participating in a vibrant street festival, indulging in local dishes with a family, and so many other close interactions will live with you long after you are home.


“The country that travels inside you” truly fits the bill of an undervalued tourism destination. After the Arab Spring of 2011, the country experienced a painful reduction in numbers, with hotels recording a 6% drop in number of nights spent. This is despite the country unveiling an ambitious Vision 2020 plan, which includes a revamped tourism industry.

Well, that is all about to change. While the rest of Arabia is warring, the peaceful Morocco is standing to take advantage of this. It is positioning itself as an alternative to warring Egypt, Syria and the likes. In addition, Morocco is heavily investing in its luxury tourism scene. The aim is to get more visitors from Britain, Germany, and even China in order to boost their numbers.

The good news is that this will take some time to actually happen. In the meantime, rush over to the fascinating country and experience Morocco before it explodes. The delights of Marrakech, the romance of Tangiers, thrill of Casablanca, and the allure of an Atlas Mountain hotel or night in a desert camp awaits you.

This is a guest post from Tom, editor of Malta Holidays, a place somewhat more developed than those above!

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