5 Hostels in Europe That Are Worth Every Penny

It is holiday time and your destination is Europe and you are asking where to sleep, eat and refresh. You are home already; this article informs you on budget-friendly, nice accommodations and great hostels in Europe. Just make a choice on what suits your taste and enjoy your European vacation.

The Stranger Hostel

This hostel is situated at Krakow in Poland. The first thing that will attract you here is the friendliness of the staff. They’ll give you courtesy you have never received anywhere else and the great service that may tempt you to prolong your stay. If you are a movie lover, then this is the hostel for you. The JU-JU lounge (popularly known as the common area) gives you the best movie watching experience that you you will miss long after your holiday.

Flag Varna Hostel

It is located at Varna in Bulgaria. The first thing that catches your attention is the mention of Varna city which is the loveliest of all cities and lies on the coast of Black Sea. The rooms are tiny but come in twos to supplement the space you may need. If you really need some great rest at night and the taste of great tea in the morning, then choose Flag Varna Hostel. For those who love the bottle, Stella Artois Breweries will keep your glasses full.

De Blauwput Hostel

This is in Belgium in a town called Leuven. This is where you will hear of electricity usage limitation, witness intense recycling and have the view of a world class university. You will have your chance to know how it is to live in a “green hostel”. The green approach of the town means that services are offered at low rates but the standards are a good as anywhere else.

Flying Pig Downtown

This is in the world’s most beautiful city of Amsterdam and the country of lovely people, The Netherlands. If you want to experience the notorious life of Amsterdam, then this is the best choice for you your budget and to boot you’ll also get free breakfast which will give you energy before you begin your rounds in the city.

Sultan Hostel

This will be your favorite hostel in Istanbul, Turkey. This will give you a chance to mingle with other tourists since you are in a big tourist hot spot. The view of the whole city is so breathtaking you’ll be awe-inspired. Indeed, you will feel like you are at a home away from home since you are likely to meet many people in this locality. Bosphorous River is one place you may visit during your stay here.

The list could be longer, but this is the top layer of hostels in Europe that are budget-friendly and you get the best service. Plan your vacation now and at least you know where to get nice accommodations for your stay.

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