5 Travel Tips For Your Next African Adventure

Travelling to Africa is always an exciting and adventurous time. Luckily, African Safari Home is easy to come by, no matter where in Africa you plan to visit. You can find tips on where to visit, what accommodations to choose, and even find full packages for yourself or your family. However, as you know travelling anywhere in the world has it’s risks so it’s important to use precaution during your trip. For this reason we’ve gathered some important travel tips below for your next trip to Africa.

Packing your Bags

When you are travelling to Africa, especially to central or northern parts which are still developing you need to ensure to pack it light. Do not carry too many bags, rather make sure to carry just one bag which is easy to manage and take care of. This lessens the chance of theft. With just one bag you will have convenience to easily move around and not find it hard to take care of one bag. Pack only the stuff you would need and try to avoid carrying valuable things unless very necessary.

Carrying Cash

Carrying too much cash in Africa is not advisable. Try to only keep enough cash for your airport fees, transport from airport to hotel, etc. Traveller’s cheques and credit cards should be carried instead of cash. But if there is any specific need to carry cash then make sure you keep it secured place like your jacket’s inner pocket or inside the shirt pocket over which you can wear a jacket. Always split your money; that is some in your trouser pockets, some in your jacket and some inside your bag which must have a lock. And try to carry a hard case bag which is not easy to open or break.

Emergency Contact

If you are travelling on business then make sure to save contact numbers of clients or counterparts you are visiting in Africa and when you arrive at airport make sure to take guidance of personnel there who can guide you along safely. If on a family vacation, always leave the name & number of the place you are staying with family or friends at home.

Beware of Mosquitoes

Africa has a huge mosquito population and sadly they are the cause of Malaria in many instances. Always make sure to carry good stock of mosquito repellents or creams that can prevent you from getting mosquito bites. A huge deterrent is a mosquito net. Most African accommodations you book will provide this for you if you are camping outside.

Passport and Identity

Always carry extra copies of passport and your identification. And again, split them so even if you lose your bag, you have a copy with you in your pocket. The risk of losing passport is high if you are not careful about it. Keeping extra copies will save your time and strain in getting duplicate if lost.

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