6 Nations You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, And Why You Should Visit Them

One of the main reasons people take vacations is relaxation. You may also head to a particular holiday destination in order to experience a culture very different from yours. Adventure also ranks highly among the reasons why people opt for holidays.

There are many destinations in the world that offer splendid holiday experiences yet are little known by many. They can be referred to as some of the world’s hidden treasures. Some of these destinations, littered all over the world include places like…

  • Armenia
  • Samoa
  • Brunei
  • Malta
  • Andorra
  • Vanuatu


Armenia is a former republic of the USSR, bordered by Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan. It boasts a plethora of concert halls, theaters and museums. Theater is a tradition that has been preserved in this country for the past 2000 year, with performances ranging from jazz music, Puppet Theater and concerts.
In Armenia, you are also likely to come into contact with ancient forts, monasteries and churches. Some of the reputed monasteries include Gerhard, Haghpat, Tatey, Akhtala and Haghartsin.


Samoa is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful islands. It boasts tropical rainforests, mountains and pristine beaches making it a highly sought-after tourist destination. Samoa is renowned for its rich natural and cultural heritage. Whether you are on your honeymoon, on a family vacation or you are just a nature lover, you will find something to suit you in Samoa.


Just as it is renowned for its precious and colorful stones and gems, Brunei is also abundant with attractions ranging from exotic to very unique tourist spots. It also boasts ancient treasures and reserves. Some of its ancient beauties are untainted and untamed.
Kampong Ayer is one of the most revered destinations in Brunei, with many tourists referring to it as the ‘Venice of the East’. It is accessible via the wooden bridges stemming from houses and by boat. A trip to Brunei would be incomplete if you missed this intriguing and unique place.


Malta is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea. Its strategic location has been a major attraction factor to many in the past, especially colonizers such as the Romans, the French, the British and the Arabs. This gives Malta a very rich history and a diverse local culture.

Some of the interesting attractions in Malta include the megalithic temples (the world’s oldest free-standing stone temples), Golden Bay (Malta’s second largest sandy beach) and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (subterranean architecture).


Tourism is one of the driving factors for the economy in Andorra. Located in Western Europe, this nation is bordered by France and Spain. Andorra is dotted with some very impressive remains of its past traditions that exhibit its rich architectural heritage.


Vanuatu is a picturesque Melanesian paradise made up of many little gorgeous islands, making it a perfect holiday destination for couples, individuals and families. Attractions range from pristine beaches, colorful coral reefs and tropical gardens.


Photo by flissphil on Flickr.

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