6 Ways Minimalism Enriches My Travels

The popular adage goes “Less luggage, more comfort.” Traveling light gives the ability to move fast with agility and provides a host of other benefits as well.

1. Speed

The single biggest advantage of traveling light is the ability to move fast. A backpacker does not have to waste time waiting for luggage to arrive at the baggage carousel. In the busy airports of UK, France, Germany and other European countries this may take hours during peak-time. Then carting luggage slows down movement, delays hotel check in and check out and causes time-loss in packing.

2. Time

Carrying few pieces of luggage saves time in many ways other than by facilitating speedy movement. People with luggage will invariably have to reach the airport earlier than a backpacker to account for their lack of speed and agility. People with just the hand baggage can check in online or at the city counter and reach the airport far earlier than someone who has to check in and process their baggage at the airport.

On international flights, people with heavy luggage may possibly be pulled up by customs to inspect the baggage on suspicion of trying to sneak in or sneak out goods of value without paying duty.

3. No Worries

Traveling with only a small backpack or suitcase and very few possessions makes the journey relatively worry-free. A backpacker does not have to worry about losing their bag, getting a big taxi to reach the airport or the airline misplacing baggage and sending it off to some other destination when missing connection flights and having to rebook on another flight. Keeping all your possessions with you minimizes the chances of theft of checked in luggage or forgetting to take everything along when moving out.

4. Safety

A traveler with only a few possessions — especially a small amount that can be carried with him/her always — is less likely to be a target of thieves compared to someone who carries along many material possessions. Similarly, carrying all possessions by hand prevents the unlikely but by no means impossible case of someone stashing drugs or other illegal substances in the out of sight luggage.

5. Flexibility

Traveling light provides the visitor with many options. For instance, if the reserved accommodation is unpleasant for some reason, the backpacker can simply walk out and search for another accommodation. Alternatively, the backpacker can choose not to make a reservation and make the journey as they feel like. People with lots of baggage have their choices limited and their movement severely restricted to cater to the unexpected or anything outside of their more rigid schedule.

6. Cost Savings

Traveling with few possessions allows significant cost savings. Many airlines, especially low cost airlines charge extra for luggage. Carting heavy luggage would require hailing a taxi amd most public transportation has restrictions on carrying baggage. The cost of a taxi to the city is very high in almost all European countries such as UK, France, Germany and Italy. At the very least, doing away with heavy luggage would save on tips to porters.

In what ways does minimalism enrich your travels?

Anything besides what I’ve mentioned above? Please do share in the comments.

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  1. The Green Land Kid
    October 10, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    The sooner that people notice that less = more, the better 🙂

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