7 Quirky Travel Jobs

Travelling is always a fun thing to do. You can go to places which are far more different than what you are used to. But what if you quit your job permanently because of your love for travelling? Or what if you decided to stay in some foreign land for a little while? That would definitely hurt your pockets more than anything. So your best bet would be looking for a job while you are in the midst of travelling.

1. English Teacher

Why not become a teacher for a while? This approach makes it possible to learn the language or even the culture of that place you are currently travelling in. This is what is popularly called as an ESL Teacher (English as Second Language Teacher). All you have to do is get a certificate from any TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA testing centers and you’re good to go. Or if you are in a country that allows just a college degree and a great understanding of english, then they will gladly accept you. The job opportunities for this are high in Asian countries.

2. Tour Guide

This is your time to shine if you really love the place that you are currently in or planning to go to. Because you get to share your passion and experience with others as well –while earning money! It’s relatively simple to get a job like this, all you have to do is find hotels or agencies which offer this kind of service and ask help from them.

3. Travel Nurse

Nurse is a relatively in-demand job because of its scarcity in some places. And you can take advantage of this. If you are already a certified nurse, then you are ensured a 99% acceptance rate. This will also become a great experience gain for your specialty and of course, your travel needs.

4. Flight Attendant

If you are someone who definitely loves to travel and sees it as a potential way of living, then this definitely takes the cake. Being a flight attendant, you get to travel all around the world while talking and meeting new people from different countries and different cultures. It’s a very fun learning and earning experience while doing the thing you’re passionate about.

5. Travel Writer

A job that is very similar to being a journalist, but the only difference is that –you travel. And travel you will on a regular basis. This is a very fun job, especially if you love travelling. Because you will get to travel a lot while sharing your stories –while also getting free tickets to any destination.

6. Baby Sitter or a Caretaker

That’s right, this job is surprisingly accessible to many people. In fact, just as long as you are in the legal age you can already apply to become one. There are many agencies or job ads that will depend on each different country about how much they will pay or what services they are looking for in a potential hiree. But, the great thing about this is you will have a better understanding of what the locals lives are in a much deeper sense.

7. Shop Assistant

There are always plenty of retail jobs to be had if you plan to stay a while in a city, especially if you can speak the language there. You generally do not need much more than a friendly smile and a willingness to help people to succeed in this line of work. Pay will vary depending on the type of store you end up working in.

Well there you have it, those are the top seven quirky jobs that you can try out if you are looking forward to travel or stuck in a place for quite some time even. Now go have some fun while making money!

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