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Here at Minimal World, we post twice-weekly articles all about minimalism and travel. We hope to inspire you to declutter your own life, break free of the chains of materialism, and get out there to explore the world. You can expect new posts every Monday and Thursday.

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Meet the Team


Hi, I’m Niall, the lead minimalist here at Minimal World. Since 2010 I’ve been traveling the world with all my possessions on my back. To the right you can see an image of me at an airport with everything I own, right after quitting my day job 🙂

Since 2011 I’ve been on a mission to circumnavigate the entire globe without flying, a journey that I expect to take four years or so, as I travel slow and live for several months in different countries along the way.

I fund my travels by working from my laptop. Mostly my work involves writing and web design. You can find out more about me over at my personal blog, Disrupting the Rabblement, where I write regularly about free-thinking, fear-facing and dream-chasing.


Room for a little one? My name is Camila, a Brazilian-born Londoner (let’s just call me ‘confused.’) I am here to prove that not all women need to travel the world with a backpack bigger than a water-buffalo! I have successfully traveled in every continent of the world with only a 30 litre backpack and guess what – the world did in fact not end, sky fall down and I did not die.

I’m absolutely convinced that “less is more” when it comes to travel and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here at Minimal world, I will share with you my minimalist tips, along with destination advice from my personal experience. Hope you enjoy!