Best Things to do When Your in Sydney

The city of Sydney is one of the largest in Australia and by far the most well-known, it is the capital of New South Wales and see more tourism year on year than any city in the Southern Hemisphere. The city sits on the Tasman Sea and it’s iconic harbour is recognised the World over. Sydney is packed with things to do for tourists and if you are visiting Sydney this year then here is a run down of the top 4 things to do in the city.

Climb Harbour Bridge


Arguably the most iconic bridge in the World, the Harbour Bridge is a swooping arch bridge that connects the Central Business District with the city’s North Shore. The bridge carries pedestrians, rail, bicycles and vehicles and more importantly, climbers. That’s right, if you are up for the challenge then you can strap on a harness and climb the arch itself to the peak of the bridge for some of the greatest views in the city. The climb is steady and done on foot and you are secured to the bridge itself, during the climb you will have a climb leader who will educate you about the history of this famous landmark. Perhaps not for the feint of heart but this is an experience that you will never forget.

Bondi Beach

Naturally beaches vary from place to place but a good beach will always offer the same thing, ‘beautiful sand, crystal blue sea’ etc. Some beaches however have gained fame and Sydney’s Bondi Beach has exactly that. The beach is hugely popular for surfers from all over the world and the surf community on the beach is large offering schools and safety centres for surfers of all abilities. Sport in general is popular on the beach with regular competitions taking place here. Like many beaches around the World, Bondi offers a large array of activities on and under the water and furthermore the beach has the highest level of safety and cleanliness that is possible. This beach has featured in numerous films and TV shows and a day never goes by without the beach being packed with tourists and locals, a must visit place when you go to Sydney.

Visit the Opera House


One of the reasons that Sydney is so recognisable is it’s skyline in the harbour, tall skyscrapers, the sprawling Harbour Bridge and the instantly recognisable Opera House with it’s wave-like design. The building is a multi-event centre that exhibits performances from all branches of the arts and several other displays and events. If there is a show on when you are in-town then you should do your best to get tickets, the building was designed intricately with acoustics in mind and the sound inside the Opera House is fantastic. Even if you can’t get to a show, the building welcomes visitors to take tours in and around this remarkable and iconic building, teaching about the history and the idea behind the mesmerising design of the Opera House.

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