A Caravanning Guide For The Minimalist Traveler

Traveling around in a motorhome or caravan offers you certain freedoms you will not have if you choose a traditional form of travel. When traveling this way there are a few things you must take into mind to insure your trip goes smoothly. Whether you will be touring Europe or just going out of town for a weekend camping trip here are some things you should take into mind.

Always Go Insured

This is one factor that not everyone thinks about when going on a caravanning holiday but it is an important factor at that. The truth is, although you hope nothing goes wrong, accidents do happen so it is best to be prepared ahead of time. By choosing a trusted company you can ensure not only your vehicle but also your personal items such as electronics for the length of your trip. Whether you decide to buy or simply hire a motorhome to go caravanning, insurance is a key necessity. If you need motorhome insurance, take a look at the Caravan Club website which offers some great insurance packages for your caravanning adventure.

Take Along Only What You Need

If you are a minimalist traveler you already have this mindset but it is always nice to be reminded. When caravanning you will have a lot more space than you would when traveling and limited to what you can carry in a suitcase. Still it is smart to only take along what you will need for your journey. By packing as light as possible you will be ensuring a stress free journey without having to worry about lugging around unnecessary items. Also since all your travels will be on the road, if you absolutely need something you can always pick it up in one of the towns along your route.

Be Sure To Take Essential Items

While packing light is good, there are still some items that are essential to take when caravanning for any period of time. Food and drinks (especially water) is something that you should always take along with you for when you get hungry on the road. You don’t need to take too much but enough so that just in case you don’t have access to a store for a longer period of time. Safety is important no matter where or how you are traveling so you should ensure you have a first aid kit with you as well as any necessary medications. When traveling by vehicle you also have maintenance to think about so it is handy to have some tools along in case your motorhome breaks down or gets a popped tire along the way. Another important item is an atlas of your area because the last thing you want is to get lost!

Plan Your Route

Planning your route is one thing you should get done well before you head out on your caravanning journey. It is important to keep in mind certain necessities when traveling by motorhome such as getting gas and eating. Figure out before you depart which route is the best route to take to get you to your destination. Plan out where you can stop for a bite to eat as well as where you can fill up on gas if the need arrives. By planning your route out ahead of time you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

Caravanning can be an exciting experience for the minimalist traveler as long as you are prepared for what lies ahead. Follow these simple tips to ensure a smooth trip.

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