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Where to see the Big 5 on Safari

If it’s your first time on safari to Africa, chances are you want to see the big 5 animals in their natural surroundings. Here is a quick guide to the best time of year to travel and where to find them in one place. For more information on accommodation in the Kruger Park, visit […]

camels beach tunisia

Tunisia: the Land of Unexpected Adventures

When you think of beaches, what country springs to mind? Thailand, probably, or maybe Hawaii. When you think of deserts and ancient remains, what place pops into your head? Egypt, likely, or perhaps Jordan. When you think of adventure, where do you want to go? New Zealand? What about art? Paris, of course, or Rome. […]

See the Best Cultural Attractions in Mauritius

It should come as no great surprise that when friends, families and couples are actively searching for a fun-filled vacation spot, Mauritius is often selected. The beautiful scenery, weather and all-inclusive activities aren’t the only draw; there are plenty of attractions for different ages and groups. When planning your next escape to Mauritius, consider taking […]