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7 Tips for Hiking Alone

There are always some important hiking tips that must always be kept in mind whether someone is simply going for a short hike in the woods or even overnight camping. Most importantly when hiking alone, you need to be very careful because anything can happen that can lead to serious problems. This is why before […]

Get a Glimpse of Endangered Species at these 5 Interesting Destinations

A great type of destination to consider is one where you’ll be lucky enough to possibly see some endangered species. We all know they are out there but how many of us are actually taking the time to make sure we see them before they are gone? There are close to one thousand five hundred […]

Mount Kilimanjaro: All You Need To Know

      Mt. Kilimanjaro as long been a beloved destination for a wide variety of travelers. Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania & famous for being the tallest mountain in Africa. There’s no question as to why adventurers flock to Kilimanjaro year after year. The climbing routes are overflowing with diverse terrain and climates and […]

The Rising Trend Of Eco Travel

Voices for eco-friendly travel have raised their pitch in recent times. One of the obvious reasons is global warming that needs to be tackled. Though there are no comprehensive solutions available right now, there is still enough scope to get over the problems caused by the constant use of conventional energy sources. Geothermal energy is […]