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Jakarta Travel

Popular Day Trips From Jakarta

When travelling to Indonesia, Jakarta is most likely going to be your first port of call if you are coming from almost any other country. With its own highs and lows, Jakarta can be a whirlwind of food, activity, and sightseeing, leaving almost anyone exhausted. Here we look at five popular day trips you can […]

Mumbai Travel

What I learned during my short stay in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is regarded by many as India’s commercial and financial capital. There is always something interesting to see and do in Mumbai; from taking in the sites and sampling local delicacies to discovering the region’s Bollywood film scene. So if you have been planning your first trip to this thriving capital […]

What Are the Best Small Gifts to Buy As You Travel?

If you love buying gifts from foreign countries but don’t want to end up with a bulging suitcase what are the best small gifts you can buy on your travels? The following are some classic small souvenirs from a number of different countries across the world. Russia – Russian Dolls These are little wooden dolls […]

3 Underdeveloped Places to See Before they Explode

Myanmar The recently opened up country has announced their arrival on the global scene in style. After the US President visited Myanmar, the country has enjoyed increased international attention: both political and touristic. As a result, its numbers have slowly risen. What’s more, the government has invited serious investment from renowned hotel chains and investors […]

Famous and Historic Casinos in Macau

Visitors to Macau will find much of historic interest, and that goes for those who want to play casino games while they are there, just as much as more traditional sightseers. Indeed, some of the casinos in this resort will rank amongst the top sights that most people should want to check out during a […]