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Mumbai Travel

What I learned during my short stay in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is regarded by many as India’s commercial and financial capital. There is always something interesting to see and do in Mumbai; from taking in the sites and sampling local delicacies to discovering the region’s Bollywood film scene. So if you have been planning your first trip to this thriving capital […]

3 Underdeveloped Places to See Before they Explode

Myanmar The recently opened up country has announced their arrival on the global scene in style. After the US President visited Myanmar, the country has enjoyed increased international attention: both political and touristic. As a result, its numbers have slowly risen. What’s more, the government has invited serious investment from renowned hotel chains and investors […]

The Origin of Bhangra

India is a country of diversity where many different cultures, dance forms, religions and languages thrive in perfect harmony. A visit to this country can be awe-inspiring, enchanting and magical. It is amazing how oldness and modernity blend together – it is a common sight to see a huge mall with high-end retail stores accepting […]