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Little holidays gems of Turkey

Turkey is one of the most visited destinations by Europeans and other international travellers. Its coastline offers excellent choice of beach holidays and summer holidays. Out so much choice it often difficult to pick one that will offer you the experience you seek from your holidays. For example Kemer is a stunning seaside resort in […]

Ferry Travel: Perfect For Minimalists

Ferries are meant for travel over short distances, and can be useful if it is needed to take a vehicle along. Their designs are suited to this requirement of carrying vehicles. Ferries mainly fill in the gap, where routes are uneconomical for large ships, because of the short travel times, lack of docking facilities, and […]

Amazon Kindle: The Pros And Cons For Traveling Minimalists

When the Amazon Kindle was released five years ago paper books seemed obsolete. The technology developed by Amazon allowed everybody to carry a library around with them in their backpack or pocket. In theory the Kindle is perfect for traveling light but that may not be the case. In this article you will learn the […]