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Top 3 Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian city of Rio is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, a city that offers sun, sea, sand, beauty and raw energy and a city which embodies passion. If you haven’t visited Rio yet then it should be at the top of your ‘places to visit’ list, I’m yet to speak […]

What Are the Best Small Gifts to Buy As You Travel?

If you love buying gifts from foreign countries but don’t want to end up with a bulging suitcase what are the best small gifts you can buy on your travels? The following are some classic small souvenirs from a number of different countries across the world. Russia – Russian Dolls These are little wooden dolls […]

In Which Country Will You Enjoy a South American Adventure?

Any trip to the magical continent of South America is likely to be memorable but which country will you spend more time in? There are some tremendous options for you to choose from and the following are some of the top ones. Argentina Buenos Aires is a very popular starting point for people looking to […]