Combine Travel & Fitness with a Destination Marathon

To majority of people, vacation means a break from any daily routine. In most cases, your vacation means ample time for rest & having quality time with family. Therefore, much of the time, your daily fitness routine may go on vacation as well. In some cases that may be all right. However if you appreciate a challenge, like to continue working out on vacation, & are looking for a cool accomplishment to add to your list, then a destination marathon might be a great choice for you.

Marathons are popular throughout the world. Options for race course locations are endless. Do you prefer beaches, mountains, cityscapes, historic sites, or country roads? No matter what your preference, you can easily find a location close by or across the ocean to have your marathon experience. The great thing about traveling to a far destination for a marathon is that it’s easy and exciting to continue your fitness routine. Instead of running down the same city street for today’s 5k, you are now running in the sun under palm trees on your favorite beach or taking an adventure hike to acclimate to your new surroundings.

Here are some great marathon destinations to consider.

Great Wall of China Marathon- China

Take 5,164 steps into China’s history with the Great Wall of China Marathon. An extremely popular running course not for the faint of heart. The Great Wall Marathon had it’s inaugural run 1999. Since then it’s been a hot spot for thousands of runners every year.

New York City Marathon- USA

One of the most popular races in the United States, the New York City Marathon is a great run through a fabulous and busy city. It also boasts ranking up there with some of the largest marathons in the world. The race is so popular that entry is determined by a large lottery system.

Paris Marathon- France

The Paris Marathon, one of the most popular in Europe, takes you through the beautiful city streets of Paris. Also running you past some famous Parisian landmarks such as the Louvre and Eiffel Tower.

Phuket Marathon- Thailand

If you are looking for an awesome destination with a run in paradise, then the Phuket Island Marathon is ideal. There are beautiful beaches, great food, and a lot of water activities to pursue in your down time.

Inca Trail Marathon- Peru

The Inca Trail Marathon is unique in a sense that is not actually an official marathon. This is because the Inca Trail is located in a National Park. However it’s a great destination for the avid runner to take a leisurely 26.2 mile jog. Make sure you book several months in advance because trail permits sell out quickly.

For the avid runner, a destination marathon is an awesome experience. You get another awesome accomplishment under your belt plus get to experience the place from roads you may not have been on before. Plus even if your family are not runners too, there are still fun runs for kids plus tons of expos and demonstrations to check out. Plus the post-marathon food tents & race course live music is often fun for the whole family.

Photo by lululemonathletica on Flickr

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