Famous and Historic Casinos in Macau

Visitors to Macau will find much of historic interest, and that goes for those who want to play casino games while they are there, just as much as more traditional sightseers. Indeed, some of the casinos in this resort will rank amongst the top sights that most people should want to check out during a trip to Macau, while serious casino fans will also find that the eastern games offered in many of them provide a unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge and horizons. One of these casinos which combine such unique gaming opportunities with historic interest is the Casino Lisboa and Grand Lisboa.

This casino, one of the oldest to be found in Macau, is remarkable on the inside and out. Should you go looking for it at night; you can hardly fail to spot it, as it is lit up like a huge red neon pineapple. Once you venture inside you will find that, despite recent renovation, it still boasts much of the gloriously kitsch dÈcor that it has had since it opened in the 1960s. The alleged reason for this is mind-boggling, as Dr Ho ñ the man who controls much of the resort ñ is rumoured to have been told by a fortune teller that he will die if the Casino Lisboa renovations are ever completed. There is no official confirmation of this, but it is certainly a better story than the usual one of workmen being unable to ìget the partsî needed to finish the job! Such renovations and keeping the casino feeling fresh for its punters are important nowadays due to the growth of the online casino sites, which many see as a threat.

Another famous and historic casino in Macau is the Macau Palace Casino which, while it cannot quite match the odd majesty of the Casino Lisboa, does boast the unique attribute of being the only floating casino you will find in Macau. It is situated near to the ferry terminal, and if you want to visit it, you will be asked to show your passport. Inside, the Macau Palace is small, but the decorations are truly spectacular and well worth the trouble of getting to it, while the casino boasts VIP areas ñ where you will often find rather tense looking local businessmen.

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