Ferry Travel: Perfect For Minimalists

Ferries are meant for travel over short distances, and can be useful if it is needed to take a vehicle along. Their designs are suited to this requirement of carrying vehicles. Ferries mainly fill in the gap, where routes are uneconomical for large ships, because of the short travel times, lack of docking facilities, and a need to transport vehicles along with people. Ferry destinations can be within a country or to other countries, and provide comparatively quick service for travel between points.

When You Travel by Ferry, You Can Travel Light

Travel by ferry has practically no hassles for boarding and getting off the boat. As long as you can get on to the ferry before its scheduled time, you can make the journey in relative comfort. You can rid yourself of any problems of stowing baggage or carrying it if you travel light. Carry just a back pack. This is ideal equipment, while traveling to ferry destinations. Ferries do not normally have cabins and travel is on the deck of the ferry. This enables travelers to save a lot of time, as there is no need to wait for a allotted cabin. Just walk up the gangplank, find yourself a comfortable place to spend the travel time. Traveling light also helps when you are getting off the ferry as there is no need to wait for any luggage that has been stowed away. If you have a vehicle with you on the ferry, you will have to wait for your turn to drive off. The comfort of having your own transportation as soon as you arrive, is an advantage.

Ferry Cruises Can Make for a Nice Weekend Getaways

Certain ferry companies do offer mini cruises that can make for a very comfortable weekend getaway. Cabins are provided on such cruises, though, like other facilities, may be more of the minimalist kind. Food is a part of the fare, and most of these ferries also have on board fast food and other restaurants. Such ferry cruises are particularly common in Europe, where ferry destinations are not too far apart. You can cross half a dozen or more countries during such short cruises, and have your fill of international travel.

Travel as a Tourist on a Ferry

Ferry destinations can include a lot of tourist spots, and are an ideal means of traveling to them. Tourism in Greece is vastly helped by the vast number of ferry operators who transport tourists to various islands and other tourist spots on ferries. These ferries stop off at a number of islands during each trip. Docking facilities at such tourist spots are excellent and you waste no time in getting off and getting on, once you have finished your sightseeing. There are complete facilities for eating, drinking and other entertainment aboard most of these ferries, which makes any excursion a fun filled affair for families with kids. These facilities also allow you to get aboard with the minimum of luggage, so that you travel without the need to haul things around.

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