Get a Glimpse of Endangered Species at these 5 Interesting Destinations

A great type of destination to consider is one where you’ll be lucky enough to possibly see some endangered species. We all know they are out there but how many of us are actually taking the time to make sure we see them before they are gone? There are close to one thousand five hundred animals which are marked as endangered. They range from the Sumatran tigers which are mostly found in Melbourne Australia, to the Colombian Tapir in the rain forest regions of the northern Colombia, and then all the way to Alaska where you’ll find the pacific walrus. For your next trip, consider these great destinations and get a chance to see these amazing animals before they’re gone.

Melbourne Australia

In this city you have a chance of seeing the Sumatran tigers; these animals are not in their natural setting but are kept in a special animal orphanage. A visit in Melbourne will accord a rare chance of seeing some of the few tigers left in the world. Through such a visit you will have contributed to save them.

Paujil Nature Reserve

At Paujil Nature Reserve in Northern Colombia, you will be among the lucky few who have had a rare chance to see Colombian Tapir. This is a rare bird which had been considered extinct but a sharp eyed tourist spotted several of them in this reserve. They have been preserved and a visit here will not only provide a rare chance but also help in creating the much needed awareness.This natural reserve is a great vacation destination where endangered species are thoughtfully preserved.

Arctic Bering and Chukchi Seas in Alaska

A visit to Arctic Bering and Chukchi seas in Alaska will give you an opportunity to see the only remaining Pacific walrus in the world. These animals were killed in large numbers after this region started experiencing ice melting. The place might be cold but a visit here will be an eye opener on how climate change is causing havoc in different parts of the world, to an extent that some of the beautiful creatures of the earth are fast disappearing. This will be an opportunity to have a view of these precious animals and raise your level of awareness and education.

Congo Forest in Africa

A visit to see endangered animals would not be complete without visiting the home where animals which have already disappeared in other parts of the world are found. Africa is home to some of the rarest animals in the world. A visit to Congo forest will give you a chance to see some of the largest mountain gorillas in the world. These animals are facing distinction, experts are of the view that human activities have led to the dwindling numbers of these rare creatures. A visit in this forest will give a tourist an opportunity to see what nature has to offer as well as appreciate natural forests.

Southern Vietnam

Javan rhinoceros are very few in the world, they are found throughout Vietnam and different parts of Southern Asia. A visit to this part of the world will give the tourist a rare chance to see perhaps the only remaining Javan rhinoceros in the world. They are wild and not held in captivity however each year more and more are disappearing due to poaching for their horns which people like to used in Chinese medicine.

In your lifetime, it is important that you get to visit all or some of these homes for endangered species, vacation destinations and wonders of the world.

Photo by dhruvaraj on Flickr

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