Get to Know Calgary with These 5 Exciting Activities

Calgary is in the Alberta Province of Canada is situated on the Bow River  in prairie country and east of the Rockie Mountains. Calgary is home to so many things to do that, no matter what time of year that you are there, something is always happening. Now we are talking typical cowboy country here so if you do not already have your Stetson, cowboy boots and know some line dances just pick it up in on your trip – you really have n choice. So picking the top 5 things to do  is a difficult selection. Nevertheless, here it goes, and in no particular order.

The Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo event held in July each yearand is replete with spectacles and parades, chuck wagon races, and anything that you can even consider to do the with the wild west. Think lassoing, buck riding – the stampede has it all. It is a total experience in itself. Calgary is the birthplace of some of the nation’s best athletes – footballers, ice hockey, baseball, and weightlifter so if you are too busy with the activities that Calgary has to offer then keep in touch online. Select a sportsbook site and let them do research for you and keep abreast of some of Calgary’s sportsmen whilst you, ride ‘em cowboy.

Why Not Go to a Casino

Purely because they have great names and provide excellent entertainment all year round – like Elbow River and Deer Creek. What’s not to love about the sites, sounds, and free drinks at a casino? If you don’t have time, use your favorite sports betting sites and go out for some class entertainment acts instead.


Calgary should well be known as the city of the festival for in any given calendar month there is some type of festival. The Calgary International film festival is well renowned, as are the numerous music festivals covering blues, country, and reggae just for starters. There is the Funnyfest – a stand up comedian’s festival as well as the spectacular Globalfest celebrating the cultural diversity of the region. A massive fire festival is held that is just gob smacking, pardner.


Calgary was picked as the site of the 1988 winter Olympics for good reason. Skiing is just perfect in a brilliant environment. The Olympics have been argued the best winter Olympics yet and who cannot remember Alberto “La Momba”Tomba and his giant slalom and slalom gold medal wins, or Katarina Witts brilliant ice skating performance. So definitely take the opportunity io ski or skate in the footsteps of the greats.

Outdoor Activities

Good old-fashioned hunting and fishing or a trek in the fantastic mountains. You can do it yourself or join an experienced small group. Chat to a bear on the way to catch your ice fresh trout. If you want to go hunting, just get yourself a licence and join a local to learn more. If trekking is your thing, this has some of the most idyllic walks ever.

Calgary is a frontier town, despite being a large city. It has to so many things to do and retains its down-home feeling.

Photo by bremnerj on Flickr

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