How to Save on Food While Travelling

While travelling, whether it is to another part of the country or to an altogether different country, you will notice that one of the biggest chunks of your travel budget will go to food. It is not because the food is expensive or anything, but rather because you are not aware of the different local food that you can indulge in for a budget-friendly price.

In order to save on your expenses for food, try the following tips which can help you to save on your food expenses on the road.

Food Stalls

When in the mall, avoid going to the restaurants and fast foods. Instead, look around and you will see many food stalls or kiosks that sell cheap food, like those that sell hotdogs, waffles, or smoothies and shakes and then eat them while walking or window shopping. You will find that a burger from the stalls is twice as cheap as those from international fast food chains.

Street Food

Street foods are some of the cheapest food in the world, and relatively easy to find – you can find them in the parks, street corners or from hawkers and peddlers that pass by your hostel. In most western countries like the USA, typical street foods include hotdogs and pretzels and tacos. In Asian countries though, you will find that you have a wide array of choices laid out before you – there are steamed sweet corn, pork barbecue, ramen noodles and so much more. Alternatively, you can go to food streets – streets with long lines of food stalls – and eat there. They have tables and chairs set right in the middle of the road so you can sit down and enjoy your meals.

Eat Local Food

Wherever you are in your travels, you will find that local foods sold in small canteens and eateries are a lot cheaper that those foods sold in restaurants. Also, local cuisines like ramen noodles in Japan or tom yum soup in Thailand are cheaper than pastas, spaghettis, and pizza. Here, you are not only saving some money, but you get to better experience the culinary experience of the place you are visiting.

Bring Snacks

If you are the type of person who needs to eat something in between meals, then be sure to have some snack like cookies or chips in your backpack or pockets. Munching on these can help keep you full for some time and keep you from rushing to the first diner you see when hunger strikes.

Accommodations with Free Breakfast

Before booking your hotel, try to see if they include free breakfast in their rates. More often than not, hotels and inns have a free breakfast package for travellers staying in them. so you can basically enjoy a full meal in the morning which will keep you from eating much later on in the day.

There are actually many more ways to save on food while on your travels, all you need to do is to do your research on the internet or by asking the locals in the place.

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