In Which Country Will You Enjoy a South American Adventure?

Any trip to the magical continent of South America is likely to be memorable but which country will you spend more time in? There are some tremendous options for you to choose from and the following are some of the top ones.


Buenos Aires is a very popular starting point for people looking to explore this continent. There are a few good reasons for this. For a start, it is one of the most European feeling cities on the continent while still seeming excitingly exotic. The whole country is also very good value now that the Argentine Peso is so weak. Once you are ready to leave Buenos Aires there are many other great attractions in Argentina, such as Cordoba, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, Salta and Bariloche. The massive size of the country means that you will need a decent amount of time if you want to get around it. Probably the biggest issue with Argentina these days is that the feeling that it isn’t the safest country around, with safety being an especially important subject in Buenos Aires. The failing economy hasn’t helped in this matter but the majority of tourists enjoy their time here without any serious problems.


If you are on a relatively short break but want to see a lot of different places then Peru is a great place to travel to. The fact that there are so many top tourist attractions here – Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca etc – means that you can get round a lot of great sights in little time. The slickness of the travel infrastructure here means that many travellers whizz round Peru in very little time. The capital of Lima isn’t the most welcoming city in the world, as it is big, crowded and heavily polluted. If you start your trip here you will probably want to head straight out of Lima and onto the more interesting places quite quickly.


Ecuador is one of the smaller countries in this continent and it is also very diverse. After arriving to the capital city of Quito you could head to the jungle, the mountains or the beach without travelling too far. It is a relaxed sort of country with friendly people and a lot of traditional culture on show. There are few must-see sights here but Baños, Otavalo and Mindo are a few of the places well worth visiting while you are here. If you want to meet some locals and get away from crowds of tourists this is a good country to do it in.


This is a big country but there are a few specific places most travellers want to see. La Paz is a wonderfully chaotic city, Lake Titicaca is awe-inspiring, the Uyuni salt flats are stunning and Potosi is a memorable step back in time. The big problem is that these cities are all far apart and connected by pretty roads. If you are happy flying from one place to another or don’t mind long, uncomfortable bus journeys this is a fine destination.

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