Minimal flying – the way to real low-budget flights

Low-budget flights are offered by many different airlines. However, how cheap are those flights really? Unfortunately, it has become business with many airlines, to charge many extra fees, so that – in the end – the low-budget flight turns out to be an expensive experience. How can you avoid tapping into this trap of such supposedly enticing offers? The answer is comparison.

What extra fees do you have to count with?

The concept of no-frills airlines is easy: no extra services, no extra charges. That means the other way round that you have to pay for each service. You want a seat reservation? You want drinks or a menu during the flight? You want to pay per credit card? It’s quite possible that you have to pay an extra fee for every single one of these services. There are additional costs as fuel surcharge, administration fees, taxes, airport tolls or fees for priority or speedy boarding. Especially when it comes to luggage, no-frills airlines get you to pay. Often you have to pay for each suitcase and if the allowed weight is exceeded, there is an additional excess baggage charge, which can amount to several pounds per kilo. To keep track of the many different fees and charges check the airline reviews on

Comparison – the key to minimal flying

Low-priced flights are available to any place you want to head for. Compare carefully the offers but be aware of extra costs as for food or luggage. Especially on short distance flights, you can spare certain services like a costly menu or an ample entertainment programme and thus save money. To keep an overview in this jungle of fees and charges use the help of a price comparison website. Thus, you certainly will find the most advantageous flight to your personal holiday paradise.

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