Minimal Gadget You Need When Travelling

not minimalist travel

Not exactly what we had in mind…

Whether you are an international jetsetter, a regular coach rider or more of the traditional kind of traveller who prefer set out on a journey by foot, there are a few trips that are made more bearable with the help of some good old minimal pocket sized gizmos. Smartphones are a good example of a gadget that structure our everyday lives in a certain way, which can influence our travel experience in various positive ways. In fact if are planning to travel and want to have the minimal gadgets with you to enhance your journey, you only need to have a smartphone with you to satisfy several of your needs.

Smartphones now form part of the lives of nearly everyone and it has most definitely transformed the way we plan and spend our daily lives, and even our holidays. The impact of smartphone technology on Travel has been enormous. Practically no holidays can do without a smartphone, as this mobile device is becoming more and more prevalent in our current era, where travel and communication have become commonplace. Smartphones are not just a mean to communicate through calls or sms, but it allows you to listen to your favourite music, take photographs, socialise with friends, use GPS, obtain information, make purchases and even play your favourite game of Bingo.

Travellers usually spend countless hours sitting at the airport during flight delays or long hours travelling on public transport, and this can usually be very boring. But by having a smartphone in your palm during such a situation can make your travel experience more exciting, and it can even make you forget any travel woes that you can be encountering. With a smartphone handy, you can enjoy the experience of having a mobile bingo site such as in the palm of your hands at any time and from anywhere. With its unique vintage theme, Bingo Extra offers a wide range of bingo variations which include 75 Ball, 90 Ball, and 5 Line Bingo. Moreover you can enjoy other games such as online slots, roulette, poker and blackjack. So there is plenty of games to help you kill time while travelling.

Some years ago travelling meant to detach yourself from everyday activities, however with the adoption of smartphones while travelling, we can stay connected to the world wherever we are. Smartphones are used during travel for entertainment, communication, information search and acquisition, facilitation of services such as internet banking and navigation, and online social networking. Even when we are on holiday, we wake up to the smartphone alarm, start browsing on social media’s and the news, or emails. Some even pay their bills or watch their favourite TV shows using these mobile devices.

Thus smartphones are one single device that can clearly have the potential to alter the tourist experience. These gizmos are now part of the lives of most of us and they have both influenced our travel planning and experience.




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