Minimalist guide to Paris

Visiting the ‘city of love’ is an experience that of which no one cannot love, and you will without a doubt have a memory of forever. With is being such a large place though that has so much to see and do you need to have a clear idea of what you are doing and how you are going to do it.

The first things which needs to be organised is the travelling to Paris of course, no matter where you come from within the world there are many different, quick and easy ways of how you can travel here at affordable prices. From many different locations within Europe there is of course the very well-known Eurostar, the quickest way in which you can get to the centre of Paris at ease. If trains are not ‘your thing’ you can drive and then get a ferry, catch a coach, a plane if you live too far away, many ways.

When in Paris there are a variety of different types and styles of hotels and bed and breakfasts at which you can stay at, ranging from one star standard to five star standards, at an obvious higher price than others. Due to the fact that these accommodations are available it makes sure that all different types of people from all different lives and backgrounds are able to visit Paris and have the same fantastic experiences.

Of course when you have reached Paris and found your destination of where you will be staying, it then comes down to how you will spend your time in Paris. There are many must-see places on your travels. Some of the main sites to see and places to visit are the Eiffel Tower, the most famous momentum in Paris where you can even walk up to the top of it where you are able to see over Paris itself at the beautiful view. Notre Dame is another outstanding place to visit; it is so traditionally built and shows history within the walls. Le Champ de Mars has lawns and flowerbeds, perfect for a picnic to be brought down and spend the day or just walk around in the darkness of night where all of the lights of the Eiffel Tower will put anyone in a romantic mood.

Wherever you stay in Paris you are not far at all from all the attractions to see and even if you are caught on a bad day when it is raining there are many indoor places to go such as museums. By travelling to Paris you will find that you will never have a day that isn’t fully packed and fun-filled with many different things to do. For it comes to the evening it does not end there as Paris is full of different bars, clubs and restaurants which allow you to enjoy your time all the way into the night. Whilst planning your trip, on your travels and in Paris itself you are able to find many different brochures and leaflets which will be full guides to Paris and help you to have the best time possible for you.

Photo by stuckincustoms on Flickr.

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