Minimalist Landscapes: 5 Amazing Open Areas To Soothe Your Soul

Wide open landscapes with scenic beauty soothe the mind. While there are plenty of such amazing fantasy landscapes all over the world, here are the five of the best of such locales, one each from North America, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia.

The Dead Sea, Jordan

Topping the list of the open and bare, yet beautiful lands that soothe the mind is the Jordan Rift Valley. The Dead Sea that flows through this valley is the lowest point on earth, at 1,312 foot below sea level. The rich salt and mineral deposits have therapeutic properties that make the water unusually warm and allow one to float endlessly on the surface.

What makes this place truly spectacular is the lust mountains of the east and the green rolling hills leading to Jerusalem of the West. The serene quietness adds to the enchantment.

The Burren, Ireland

The Burren in the west coast of Ireland is an ecological marvel and one of the best fantasy landscape in the world. The region is noteworthy for its rolling krast hills of limestone, complete with its pavements full of criss-crossing cracks or “grikes,” isolated rocks and a remarkable collection of flora. A gaze into to the brutal bleakness of the vast and empty Atlantic Ocean from the rugged cliffs gives a special tinge of satisfaction. The unusual temperate climate adds to the charm of the place.

Uluru, Australia

Uluru or Ayers Rock is a large sandstone “inselberg” or island mountain that rises abruptly from the extensive plains of the Northern Territory of Central Australia. Gazing at Uluru seems to radiate positive energy that soothes the soul.

What makes the formation doubly spectacular is a feeling of the rock changing colors at different times. The appearance of glowing red at dawn and sunset is especially awe-inspiring. The steep hike to the top and the spectacular view of the open landscape from the windy crest of the rock truly enriches the mind.

The Red Rock Country, USA

The Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona in the USA is one of the the most spectacular landscape you’ll find the world over. The Red Rock scenic byway that winds through Red Rock Country is complete with stunning red rocks that make up wild box canyons, wind-shaped buttes and dramatic sandstone towers rising out from the desert floor, epitomizing the rugged nature of the Wild West. The traveler connects with the timeless spirit of the land that captivates the mind and inspires the soul.

Krabi, Thailand

The pristine tropical beaches of Krabi in Southern Thailand overlooking the sedentary Andaman Sea and backed up by a lush tropical forest in the rear ranks among the very best the world has to offer in terms of scenic splendor. The extensive long beaches, the desolate lagoons, the rich coral reefs and the enchanting islands such as Phi-Phi rich in tropical flora and rugged mountain cliffs allow the traveler to gain first-hand intimacy with nature and makes the place one of the most sought after fantasy landscape on Earth. A visit to this place rejuvenates the body, mind and soul.

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