Ladies: Move Light This Summer With A Packing Checklist

Here’s a post especially for the ladies.

Packing light is indeed an art. Not many people can actually do it well. Moreover, packing light in summer is especially important since moving around while sweating and grumpy is really not a good look for you.

What most people do not realize is, packing light for a summer vacation might be the easiest thing that they have to do. If only they knew how!

There are several tips that every journal or magazine related to travel comes up with every year. However, it all boils down to one essential detail; a packing checklist. Just like a to-do list in your daily life, such a checklist is probably what will help you get through all those ‘Lazy, Dozy, Hazy days of summer.’

Choosing the right accessories

Before you actually jump right to the whole packing scenario, what you should really be concerned about is what kind of case to pack it all in!

Instead of flirtatious and fancy bags, settle with a hard cased box or suitcase with a wheel, the new range of soft luggage from a well-branded company. These are wheeled little gizmos with plenty of space. The best thing is, the case will not break even if you drop it from heights (I don’t recommend testing this out, just take my word for it!). The inside is usually soft and flexible, giving ample space for packing.

After crossing this off your packing checklist, comes the packing in itself. Let’s see what can be done….

Fruity, Flowery and Jersey

Summer is perhaps the perfect time for you to go all fruity and glamorous. However, the first thing you need is a weapon. And that weapon for you would be a small pack or box of washing detergent!

Do not underestimate the power of washing detergent as doing a little bit of laundry will keep you fit and significantly halve the amount of clothes you have to carry. For example, if your trip is to last ten days, you’ll only need to pack enough clothes for five days.

Remember, you are going to a holiday and nobody will care even if you are in rags. If not rags, it is time to get introduced to jersey dresses. Roll it, squeeze it, dump it, manhandle it and at the end of it, you can still dress up looking nice and fresh. The sole reason is jersey dresses take less space and yet look nice. So pack a couple of those, a couple of chiffon dresses, and how about some cotton pants and slips?

Do not bother with clothes made from heavy materials. Focus instead on undies. Pack enough of those as this is certainly something that you will require. Leave that vanity case behind and keep your make-up minimal!

Toiletries and Essentials

This should be paid attention to. Check for all kinds of things in small bottles. That will certainly help you to cut back on space. Moreover, most toiletries are now available everywhere, so just buy some on the road if it’s really important.

Other quick tips

  • Use a different small bag to hold things like your laptop and phone and other accessories.
  • Do not bother with fancy shoes. Stick to sandals and loafers.

How do you pack light for summer?

Ladies, please go ahead and share your best tips in the comments below.


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