Jakarta Travel

Popular Day Trips From Jakarta

When travelling to Indonesia, Jakarta is most likely going to be your first port of call if you are coming from almost any other country. With its own highs and lows, Jakarta can be a whirlwind of food, activity, and sightseeing, leaving almost anyone exhausted. Here we look at five popular day trips you can […]

Africa Travel

Where to see the Big 5 on Safari

If it’s your first time on safari to Africa, chances are you want to see the big 5 animals in their natural surroundings. Here is a quick guide to the best time of year to travel and where to find them in one place. For more information on accommodation in the Kruger Park, visit AfricanSafarihome.com […]

48 Hours in Dubai

The popularity of Dubai as a tourist destination has absolutely sky rocketed in the last 5 years. The increased popularity has been borne from a mixture of monstrous investment in the city and a reduction in the cost of travelling to and from Dubai. There is little doubt that this is the most ostentatious city […]

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