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How many times has it happened with you, that you visited a place and fell head over heels in love with it? The reason could be any, right from atmosphere, the food, the people or the connection. There is something about that place/city/country that keep us luring us to it, time and again, making us wonder, often, if we should make it our home forever.

But then, all that glitters is not gold – visiting a place and actually living there is a different ball game altogether. Residing at a certain place (country or city) has number of influential factors that makes living worthwhile – like real estate, public transport, social security, cost of living etc.

Listed below are few places recommended by HolidayMe (EN|AR)which are definitely great to visit, but living there? Well, be your own judge!


Travel tips

Places to see: London eye, Big Ben, Madame Tussauds London, British Museum, Hyde Park.

London is a tourist-friendly place with a good number of attractions that caters to ever age-group. The English capital also boasts of amiable climate all throughout the year, making outdoor activities fun! It not only lures historians with a wide array of museums (entry to most is free!), but also shopaholics who are spoilt for choice. The wide-spread English cuisine only adds to the overall charm of the capital city. But is it as easy to live in London city? Probably not. Living in London, in all honesty, is quite costly. The real estate is crazy and public transport is ridiculously expensive. The winters are tough, with the scales dipping to as low as 2-3 degree celsius with the Sun retreating to its place as soon as at 3PM.

North Korea

Places that are great to visit but not to live in

Places to see: Arch of Triumph, Korea Central Zoo, Tower of the Juche Idea, Kim Il-sung Square

A lot has been said, written and speculated about this super-secretive country of Asia. A country blessed with panoramic landscape, and full of touristy places – right from museums to the world’s largest stadium, North Korea still remains an enigma to rest of the world all thanks to its leader Kim Jong-un. Apart from erecting humungous status of his ancestors and himself in various parts of country, Kim Jong-un is also known for making bizarre rules like – no one can have a haircut similar to his, not only that, there are 28 government approved haircuts and citizens must choose one from them, all the buildings in the country are to be painted in grey from outside etc. If you think it is a dictatorship, please be aware North Korea holds “elections” every five years with only one candidate participating in the elections. No marks for guessing who!

Washington, DC

Travel tips

Places to see: Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, National Gallery of Art, Washington Monument, Hillwood Museum & Gardens.

The great American capital city has every element in right proportions that make it an ideal city to visit. Right from beautiful national parks to intriguing monuments to museums to great shopping places and top-notch restaurants – there is something for every kind of traveller. Another important aspect that makes it a great city to be in, is its climate. Crisp winters and warm-sunny summers. On the other hand, living in Washington DC is an absolute nightmare. Excessively crowded, expensive real-estate, traffic chaos all of this together make it really difficult to put up at DMV.


Travel tips

Places to see – Gardens by the Bay, National Orchid Garden, Singapore zoo, Singapore flyer.

One of the most expensive cities and a role model of modernity, Singapore is the story of a nation that has got through with punctuality, discipline and dedication. Living in Singapore is a mixed-bag experience even if visiting it is a delight. With no dearth of places to see and things to explore, no wonder, Singapore tourism is booming at a rapid speed. But, the magnificent views of the skyline, exploring the gems of city and eating its delectable cuisine every day, come at a price and a hefty one at that!


Travel Tips

Places to see – Lalbagh Fort, Bangladesh National Museum, Ramna Park, Dhaka Zoo, Birishiri, Ahsan Manzil.

Untainted natural beauty, delicious local food delicacies, and array of human-made beauties make Dhaka a tourists’ delight. Being an under-developed country, the cost of living too is low compared to many other counterparts. But having said that, Dhaka is tainted with poor public transport system resulting in bad traffic jams, poverty, lack of cleanliness and basic hygiene and social security.

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