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When travelling to Indonesia, Jakarta is most likely going to be your first port of call if you are coming from almost any other country. With its own highs and lows, Jakarta can be a whirlwind of food, activity, and sightseeing, leaving almost anyone exhausted. Here we look at five popular day trips you can take outside of Jakarta, to get away from it for a little while.


Jakarta Travel

Bogor is first on this list because of its proximity to Jakarta, being considered almost more of a suburb to the capital, but in actual fact is its own city alone. Bogor is almost a world away – fresh air, green botanical gardens, and natural reserves and parks all encircle Bogor like a diamond. With fantastic shopping, restaurants and hotels, Bogor is a well-deserved break from the hectic capital of Indonesia. You can check out simple online hotel bookings for hotels such as the highly rated R Hotel Rancamaya in Bogor, a fresh, modernly decorated hotel with fantastic amenities and beautiful views.


Bandung is a little further east than Bogor and is a fantastic shopping and eating location. With cheaper fashions and factory-direct style shops amongst its streets, finding clothes and other textiles for a steal awaits you in Bandung. Alongside culinary treats, gardens, parks and fantastic Dutch colonial architecture, Bandung is a flavourful destination for a day trip from Jakarta – in more ways than one.

Pelabuhan Ratu

Jakarta Travel

A quaint, sleepy fishing village on the south west coast, a couple hour drive from Bandung, Bogor and Jakarta. Better suited for a possible overnight stay as the traffic can cause some issues from the bigger cities, this is a hot spot for residents of the city to come for a bit of rest and relaxation. The beach, while not suitable for swimming due to the dangerous waves, is perfect for sunbathing and general kicking back. The bay is shaped like a horseshoe, leading to the strong, dangerous waves, and the fishing industry here is becoming profitable. Hotels, restaurants and bars are popping up, lending itself to being a tourist hot spot for beach seekers getting away from the city.

Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu)

A small island chain to the north of Jakarta, the thousand islands are actually comprised of only 110 islands, 13 of which are developed for tourism purposes. Several others assist in the fishing industry. There are a number of islands which offer fantastic packages for getaways – both short and longer. Children are welcome as well, so what better way to round off a trip to Indonesia, than by hitting one of its truly pristine beaches – only a short trip from Jakarta.


Jakarta Travel

More a long weekend type trip than a day trip, the city of Yogyakarta is a must see on any trip to Jakarta and the area. Flights operate up to thirty times a day, making it possible to get to this fantastically diverse and varied city within 2 hours. The main attractions here are the temples of Boroudur and Prambanan, gorgeous and unique architecture, with a rich history. Other sites include the Sultan’s Palace, listed as a must see, as well as the old cemetaries of the Yogyakarta Royal Family. Also near here are craft villages specialising in Batiks and pottery, a perfect memento of your trip.

Indonesia is a fantastic place for a solo or group/family visit, and Jakarta is just one part of the very varied island that is Java. There are a number of ways to expand your trip yo experiencing some very unique and broad activities and locales, such as day trips or short weekend style breaks all over the island. So take advantage of frequent flights if needed, and get out of the city for awhile!

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