See the Best Cultural Attractions in Mauritius

It should come as no great surprise that when friends, families and couples are actively searching for a fun-filled vacation spot, Mauritius is often selected. The beautiful scenery, weather and all-inclusive activities aren’t the only draw; there are plenty of attractions for different ages and groups. When planning your next escape to Mauritius, consider taking advantage of the following hot spots.

An Educational Experience

Sure, sun and fun are two important factors when choosing a vacation destination. But when going on one of the Mauritius Holidays with Club Med, you can enjoy the weather one day and have an educational experience the next. Blue Penny Museum is the place for you and your family if you’re curious to learn about the island’s history and art.

Since opening in November 2001, many collections have been added and are now out on display. These collections include marine maps, stamps, paintings, and much more. In fact, the museum owns over 10,000 items. Although you’re not permitted to take photographs or videos of your experience, there is a gift shop where you can purchase different items to help you remember your adventure.

Take Part in the Art of Things

If you enjoy art and viewing different paintings, you should consider making time to visit the biggest art gallery in Mauritius: Seebaluck Art Gallery.

Known as one of the best Mauritian artists of all time, Chayetan Seebaluck is the founder and owner of the gallery. There is a long list of genres displayed in his gallery, including cubism, expressionism, abstract paintings, and all sorts of other types of art. Though Seebaluck’s work can be seen, paintings from local artists, as well as those from India, Indonesia, and a variety of other places, can be found on display.

The Cathedrale de Bel Air

Perhaps you have unconventional needs or wants when vacationing, and if this is the case, you should consider visiting the Cathedrale de Bel Air. Equally beautiful on the inside as it is outside, this famous cathedral has dark double doors, a light alter, high spires, an iron gate, and a lovely garden.

Because of the well-designed architecture, the Cathedrale de Bel Air is a great place for visitors to rest and get a sense of peace. Mediation and devotion are simultaneously offered in this wonderful place of relaxation.

Make sure to stop by and visit Ste Therese, the Catholic Church, located in Curepipe.  The beautiful windows, furnishings, and richly coloured pews will be sure to take your breath away. Services are available throughout Saturdays and Sundays.

When it comes to vacationing, Mauritius is, without a doubt, the place for you and your family. Though there is plenty of beautiful scenery and different beach activities to take part in, there are other attractions to entice every need, style and personality. Whether you are searching for an educational experience or a day full of pampering and relaxation, Mauritius will have what you’re searching for.

This is a guest contribution by Alex Norman, a travel enthusiast sharing destination advice with readers around the world on various blogs.

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