Suitcase Drama

Hands up, who hates packing?

For me, it’s the worst thing about going away, well, that and airport security.

I’ve never been able to get my head around how I’m supposed to know what I’m going to wear for the duration of my holiday, when I don’t even know what I’m going to wear tomorrow morning for work. However, I’ve had plenty of practice, so I should be an expert by now.

I say ‘should’, because I’m still the one weighing my case at the very last minute, asking my friends if they can possibly fit my shoes in their case because I’m over my weight allowance.

One thing I have become quite the pro at however is planning the capsule wardrobe, because with the come-back of the maxi dress, I’ve thanked the fashion gods.

Maxi dresses are the holiday staple, mainly because they can be dressed up or down, accessorised or kept low-key and do for day or night. Throw on a pair of jewelled flats, some glitzy jewellery and a bit of glamorous make up and you’re good to go for a spectacular night out. If you fancy low-key drinks and dinner, and then an early night, it’s easy too – just don’t wear so much bling and chill-out with the make up. Simples!

Of course, you men out there, you’ve got it easy. Your packing will never include a day outfit and night outfit for every one of those days you’re away, no – we’re talking a couple of pairs of shorts, a pair of linen trousers and a few shirts. You’re good to go.

I’m jealous, really I am.

It’s important to be realistic, and to try and stay de-stressed during the packing period, because this is the time when I am at my most highly-strung. I’ve learnt about wearing things more than once, the art of travel wash, layering and dressing up and dressing down. I’ve learnt I don’t need a highly fashionable dress and heels for every evening, and I’ve learnt I don’t need 14 bikinis for a fortnight’s holiday.

You live and learn.

Once you’ve packed and you’re at the end of your tether, wishing you could pack that extra pair of shoes, you deserve a fantastic holiday. I’ve found the perfect solution to this, a little treat for all that packing hell – starting your holiday earlier. Sounds great, right? Well it actually serves a few practical reasons, and is quite cheap too. I’ve stayed at many of the Gatwick Airport hotels through and the moment I checked in, I found the holiday mood swept over me, and I forgot that spare pair of shoes that stayed on my bedroom floor, never to grace the pavements of Egypt. Check out Holiday Extras offers on travel insurance while you’re at it too, I never fly without it!

For a really relaxing start to your holiday, not to mention very advantageous when you have an early flight, I can’t recommend this idea highly enough. Not having to get up at 2am really wins for me, but the reality is that you’ll be much more chilled out as a result of having more sleep, a reinvigorating shower, and you’ll turn up for check-in looking your best, not bedraggled and full of stress. No matter where you’re flying from, you’ll find a range of hotels to suit any budget, from luxurious to more budget-friendly.

Forget about those lost shoes, they don’t matter, think essentials, and think sunshine. That’s really all that matters.

Photo by steveritchie on Flickr

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