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Eco-Friendly Iceland

Iceland – the second largest European island amidst the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly country and also one of the major Air Canada destinations. The picturesque greenery, with plateau and mountain ridges coupled with the gigantic oceans and a diversified flora and fauna make Iceland the perfect destination for travellers across the […]

The Rising Trend Of Eco Travel

Voices for eco-friendly travel have raised their pitch in recent times. One of the obvious reasons is global warming that needs to be tackled. Though there are no comprehensive solutions available right now, there is still enough scope to get over the problems caused by the constant use of conventional energy sources. Geothermal energy is […]

To Fly Or Not To Fly: Does Traveling Overland Really Help The Environment?

The arrival of air travel has made it easy for people to travel to far off lands within a short period of time and also less financial commitment. This however does not mean that air travel does not have its own share of problems which have affected air travelers as well road travelers. But the […]

5 Tips For Reducing Your Carbon Footprint As You Travel

Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions as a result of your activities. Such activities include driving cars, burning coal, using electricity, and basically anything to do with non-renewable sources of energy. Greenhouse gas emissions are harmful both to us humans and out environment. Reducing them should be our ultimate goal. Reducing […]