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What to do in Seville?

The city of Seville, known for its traditions, is located in Andalusia, in the South of Spain. This city has many cultural attractions ranging from an ancient cathedral with Moorish architecture to parks with tiled squares and fountains, making it an ideal destination for a cultural city break trip and a perfect time to snap […]

5 Fun Things to Do in Edinburgh

The Scottish capital city of Edinburgh is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination with each year. This is principally because there is so much to see and do despite the often not so desirable weather. If you are currently planning your visit to Edinburgh, reserve a hotel in Edinburgh on venere.com. With […]

The Right to Roam: Wild Camping in Europe

Wild camping is not only a great money-saver but also a unique and authentic way to interact with the landscape of the places you travel through, without having to squeeze your tent in a tiny patch beside an over-sized campervan and the portable loos. But finding a beautiful wild camping spot can require a lot more skill and […]