The Breathtaking Landscapes of Finland

When it comes to travelling, some people prefer visiting the outdoors rather than the cities. For these people, the most beautiful sights and views of a place do not lie in the modern structures and developments found in the metropolitans and urban areas, but rather in the simple beauty and allure of the natural wonders hidden deep in the place, and when it comes to such sights, Finland is one place that shouldn’t be excluded.

Finland is considered to be the eighth largest country in all of Europe when it comes to land area, and so it is no wonder that this vast land should hold some of the most breathtaking views that can be seen around the world, some of which are listed below.


Uto is an island located in the southernmost parts Finland and situated in the, surrounded by countless other small and big islands in the Baltic Sea. The island is a wonderful place to visit all year round, whether it be in the spring or fall when the migratory birds fly by against the solid blue sky, or even in winter the edges of the coasts starts to freeze and the temperature drops. During sunrises and sunsets, the ice and snow reflects the warm glow of the sun, with the mist slowly lifting from the dark blue Baltic.


Opposite Uto, up in the northern Karelia sections of Finland is Koli. This is where the Koli National Park is located, which is filled with so many beautiful sights to admire like the multi-coloured flower gardens in full bloom, as well as endless meadows blanketed by the lush green grass and wild flowers where sheep graze. When you visit Koli, be sure not to miss climbing or hiking in the Makravaara hill, where upon reaching the top you’ll be rewarded with a lovely view of the tree covered landscape below and the Lake Pielisjarvi and its islands.


In Kuusamo you’ll find one of the most beautiful winter landscapes in the world – the Oulanka National Park. Come winter, the place is heavily laden with snow and ice, turning the whole surroundings into a white and pristine landscape – you’ll feel like you’ve literally walked into winter wonderland. The dark and raging rapids of the Oulanka River and the Kitka River adds a bonus attraction for those walking in the park.

There are certainly more of these striking landscapes scattered along Finland and its many islands, but these three are specially mentioned because anyone who sees them will surely not be disappointed.

So if you’re one of those people who find joy and happiness in admiring the amazing structures and landscapes engineered by nature, then you won’t have any regrets of visiting Finland, as this place is home to some of the most picture perfect and idyllic places on earth. Book your flight, get your travel insurance, and be ready to be wowed by Finland’s amazing landscapes.

Photo by hsivonen on Flickr

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