The Souvenirs You Don’t Need to Make Much Space For

One of the issues which could easily ruin your plan for a minimal trip is when you need to stuff big souvenirs into your suitcase. In fact, some travelers leave home with a big, partially empty piece of luggage purely because they plan to fill it with things to take home. So, what souvenirs can you take home without filling up your bags with them?

CDs or DVDs

Obviously, it is now relatively easy to find foreign music and movies on the internet these days but it is still a great idea to take home some CDs and DVDs with you. These take up very little space and often cost little money as well. If you are still tight for space then you could ditch the plastic cases and buy some new ones once you get home. One issue to bear in mind here is that the quality might not be great in some countries, so you might want to ask to see or hear a sample of the contents before you buy it. You should also check before you go whether any DVDs you buy will be coded for use in your region or not.


Even if you take a lot of photos you should still be on the lookout for some postcards to take home with you. These are cheap just about everywhere in the world and often offer views or scenes which you won’t be able to capture on your camera. They take up very little room and make nice little gifts. In fact, you can even use them in the sense they were originally intended for and post them back, giving you nothing extra to take in your luggage. Another idea is to take some home and frame them nicely in your house, which is a great way of building up a collection of visible memories of your trips.


The places you travel to will determine what type of jewelry you look for. Latin America and Asia, for example, are great places for buying the sort of hand crafted goods which are made out of beads, seeds or shells. Alternatively, you might go somewhere with cheaper prices on the likes of gold or diamonds than you would find back home. There are also some countries which have unique colored rocks which are made into necklaces, such as the Bolivianita gemstone in Bolivia. These are fantastic gifts to take home and won’t take up much space at all.

Look Around

Of course, there are a lot more options out there than those on this fairly limited list. If you enjoy shopping then you can have great fun looking for souvenirs and gifts which you can easily take home without carrying huge luggage with you. Sometimes this simply involves thinking in a different way and looking for folding or inflatable goods which you can easily store away. It can be a bit of challenge to do this and it can add an extra dimension to your shopping trips as well.

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