To Fly Or Not To Fly: Does Traveling Overland Really Help The Environment?

The arrival of air travel has made it easy for people to travel to far off lands within a short period of time and also less financial commitment. This however does not mean that air travel does not have its own share of problems which have affected air travelers as well road travelers. But the airline industry has worked hard over the past few years to ensure that they have increased the pros of air travel and reduce its cons.

Since flying takes a shorter amount of time than any other mode of transport, a lot of people will argue that it is better than travelling by road which might take up to eight hours versus only two hours with a plane. It is also easy to reach far off places like Asia and Europe which other wise would have taken longer periods if you travelled by ship.

In as much as it has become easy to travel, it has also led to easy dispersal of airborne diseases and viruses among the locales and increased jet lag. It is also detrimental to the body when one has to jump from one time zone to the other or change of weather from cold season to extreme hot seasons and vice versa.


You will be required to pay more for the speed and ease of flying. It has also become easy to find cheaper airline ticket by visiting websites like With such competitive prices it has made it easier for a lot of people to afford air travel. These competitive prices hover cannot be offered by major bus lines.

Environmental Impact

Airplanes cause some major environmental effects like the carbon dioxide that is emitted from jet fuel which pollutes the environment significantly and is a major cause for greenhouse gases. There are a lot of people who complain about sound pollution because planes make a lot of noise which end up lowering the value of properties in areas where there is an airport nearby. It is most likely that it will take some time before environmentally friendly airplanes are introduced.


Airlines offer a comfortable flight to their guests by being offered drinks, pillows and food which other modes of transport cannot afford to provide. You can even find luxury seating with other airplanes that include flat beds, private cabins and free champagne. In as much as these things might not be available with other modes of transport, it is also not easy for a lot of people to afford such travelling packages.


One major disadvantage with air travel is requirement to carry a lot of baggage which has a great chance of disappearing. You will however not have to deal with such cases when you are travelling by bus since most of your bags are carry- on. Airplanes have also made it a bit difficult for people with a lot of baggage by adding an additional fee for the bags.


Without planes, this world would not be the same; they have made it easier for us to visit families, travel for business easy in far off places and even get married in a very timely fashion. It has also made it easier for poor countries to get humanitarian help by travelling to such countries and offering aid whenever needed.

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