The Travel Accessories That Aren’t Worth Packing

It can be a good idea to use some travel accessories on your trips but they aren’t all necessary are they? No, some of them are pretty useless and won’t help you at all.

Disposable Underwear

At first glance disposable underwear sounds like a good idea, especially if you are on a long trip. However, when you think about it a bit more it makes no sense at all. For a start, you need to take away a bunch of paper underwear with you, which you then leave behind in hotel bathrooms round the world. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to just take normal underwear with you and wash it in your hotel whenever you need to freshen it up?

Disposable Underwater Cameras

The idea of taking a disposable camera away on a trip is less popular than it used to be. After all, why would you pack one of these things when you probably already have a camera on your phone which is as good if not better? Even worse is the disposable underwater camera. You might be keen to capture some spectacular photos of your scuba diving trip but it takes a lot of special equipment to take great snaps in the water and a cheap disposable camera isn’t going to offer you this. It is just going to take up room in your luggage without helping you out. Unless you are a big photography fan there isn’t’t really any need to take a camera other than the one on your phone these days. If you really want to use a disposable camera then why not buy one in the destination and just take home the roll of film to get developed?

The Backpack Mesh

Security while you are travelling is important and with a backpack or rucksack it can be difficult to see how to achieve this. You could put a padlock on it but that wouldn’t stop someone just cutting the fabric open. Some people use wire meshes to cover their luggage but all it does it add to your luggage’s weight and make it look as though you have something of great value in there. Since you probably don’t have anything especially valuable in there it makes more sense to just be careful with your possessions rather than put this heavy accessory onto your luggage.

Inflatable Pillows

Sleeping on planes and buses is hard but an inflatable pillow isn’t really the answer. Ask a few people who have tried one of these things and they are unlikely to tell you that the pillow helped them enjoy a great night’s sleep while travelling. To be honest, it is usually more than the lack of suitable neck support which stops you from sleeping while travelling. The motion of the vehicle, the temperature and your own excitement or nerves are probably more relevant here.  If you can relax before the journey and choose the right type of clothing for the trip then this will help you a lot more than an inflatable pillow would.

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