Travel and Discover Yourself

Engulfed in your daily busy works? That could potentially be driving you away from knowing and understanding who you really are. No matter how passionate you could be with your present job, there is a need for you to set yourself some time to discover more of your own hidden interests. These interests, in turn, will provide avenues to knowing your true self.

Travel like a writer

Consider taking a notebook with you when you travel and the next thing you know, you could be spontaneously writing about anything and everything that comes to mind. Once you appreciate the beauty of the scenery and feel its freshness, inspiration will overflow. It is a wonderful exercise to be writing about what you see and what you experience during a day’s travel; but the most rewarding part is putting yourself in that scenery and seeing yourself as a part of those experiences. Don’t be surprised when your writings begin to lead you to get in better touch with yourself.

Travel like a painter

When you paint your travel experiences on a canvass or draw sketches on a drawing paper, know that your travel has paid off. Isn’t that awesome? Creating a concrete picture of your getaways makes them all the more memorable. Your hands are involved in the process of remembering as they release these beautiful memories on paper. Your drawing will also reveal who you are inside. It is a reflection of what you are thinking and feeling. After all, a picture paints a thousand words.

Travel like a singer

Singing is always fun because music feeds the soul. Nowadays, portable music devices like Ipods and cell phones make enjoying music all the more convenient. Singing along with music relieves pain and the anxiety of waiting, and focuses your attention. It could be just you and your music, quite a peaceful thing. Writing songs is also a great outlet for which you can express your deeper thoughts and feelings.

Travel like a dreamer

Travel sets the right mood to dream, whether it be dreaming during sleep or day dreaming. I like dreaming while I’m on a bus or a plane. Seated with my eyes closed, I begin to drift in my dreams as the bus starts to move or the plane begins to take off. The process is so beautiful. I get to see the future ahead of me. I get to visualize what I really want in life.  I can picture myself getting what I want. Memories from the past also fill those dreams. The things I have done and those I failed to do also make themselves visible in those dreams. Slowly, the dream becomes like a map where I can reach out to those visions. When the bus stops or the plane touches down, I am rattled from my dream-induced sleep. It is reality once more but those dreams will surely be my next reality.

Photo by wasfiakab on Flickr

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