Tunisia: the Land of Unexpected Adventures

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When you think of beaches, what country springs to mind? Thailand, probably, or maybe Hawaii. When you think of deserts and ancient remains, what place pops into your head? Egypt, likely, or perhaps Jordan. When you think of adventure, where do you want to go? New Zealand? What about art? Paris, of course, or Rome. What about luxury and pampering? Bali?

The list goes on, and I’m betting 99% of you didn’t consider Tunisia when rattling off your list of ideal holiday getaways.

But you should. Nestled in North Africa between Algeria, Libya, and the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas, Tunisia doesn’t seem a likely place to plan your next trip. It’s a shame, really, because there is so much to see and do in this varied and vastly underrated country.

Read on to find out why Tunisia should be high up on your go-to list, and then consider booking your holiday through a tour operator like Monarch.

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Land-Based Adventure in Tunisia

You could spend weeks in Tunisia and not cover all the adventure activities on offer…and that’s just on land! Consider quad-biking through the desert, getting dirty at an archaeological dig, trekking on camels and camping out among the sand dunes, cycling and hiking, riding a horse along the beach, bird watching, touring sites filmed for movies like Star Wars, and more.

The geography of Tunisia is varied, from snow in the Atlas Mountains to rolling hills to semi-arid desert, and climate favourable, with mild winters and hot, dry summers. Conditions are close to perfect for embarking on that African adventure you’re craving.

Water-Based Adventure in Tunisia

Tunisia has over 1000km of coastline, which translates to a heck of a lot of beaches. What’s more, the sand is white and the water’s clear — perfect for sunbathing and a spot of diving. (Move over, Thailand!). Naturally, with so much sparkling ocean, there are plenty of water sports to keep holidaymakers occupied, like windsurfing, jet skiing, and kitesurfing.

And the beaches — oh, the beaches — are plentiful; just type “Tunisian beaches” into Google and watch options like Monastir, Raf Raf, Mahdia, and the Kerkennah Islands crop up like dreadlocked dudes on a surfboard.

camels beach tunisia

Air-Based Adventure in Tunisia

Where there’s land and sea, there’s sky, and a trip to Tunisia wouldn’t be complete without taking to the air. You’ve seen the postcards of hot air balloons over Cappadocia — why not ride one over the Sahara Desert, or smaller Tunisian villages and oases? You can paraglide, too, for those who didn’t get enough of an adrenaline hit from the quad-bikes or jet skis.

Have an all-elemental experience when you choose to trip around North Africa.

Shopping, spas, and culture in Tunisia

When you’re suitably tanned from the beaches, weary from the desert treks, and windblown from the paragliding, it’s often high-time for a round of pampering. Tunisia boasts many top-quality resorts, and we all know what that means…spa days! Aside from a range of beauty treatments — including thalassotherapy, which is the use of heated seawater, mud packs, or seaweed to aid pains caused by conditions like arthritis — Tunisian resorts offer saunas, hammams (Turkish baths), and full makeovers for nights on the town. You’ll be grateful when sand starts trickling out your pores!

Once you’re pampered and refreshed again, it’s time to hit up the ancient Medinas for some retail therapy. These markets are packed to the brim with all kinds of items, such as traditional tea, carpets, spices, pottery, and delicate embroidery. Remember to always negotiate a fair price, and have fun in the process — it’s all part of the game!

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Finally, wander the side streets and emerge at one of Tunisia’s incredible art galleries or music clubs. If you’re present in the country during July and August, be sure to check out the Carthage International Festival. It’s Tunisia’s biggest arts event, held in the old Roman amphitheatre — a great place to hear jazz and African sounds echoing off its chambers.

So…do you think you’re ready for tantalising Tunisia?

Click the link provided above and start booking your Tunisian getaway. Clue in on this (fairly) well-kept secret, and still a glittering jewel of North Africa.

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