UK And Irish Dishes With Wine – What To Try


When you think of wine, you think immediately of rolling hills and valleys in warm, sun-drenched countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal or France. Very few people may think of more northern climates like Canada or the UK, but these locales have some of the more unique but more home-based types of wines, being made from the likes of elderflower, dandelion and more giving way to really fruity and floral wine flavours. While this article doesn’t touch on specifics of UK wines, it will instead talk about some of the more impressive dishes that can be found throughout the UK that can be paired with wines from around the world. Interestingly the UK has a wide range of wines from around the world including France, Germany, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

The Worst Pies In London

Not really. The UK is home to a variety of pies, served either as a part of a main meal or as a dessert. Depending on the type of pie depends on the type of wine. There are a number of different meats that go into pies, a throwback to the medieval meals of popularity that have survived through the ages. Meats include big chunks of beef, chicken, pheasant and game hens, and various types of seafood. One particularly interesting fish pie which may not be to everyone’s tastes is the Stargazy Pie… a fish pie set with little whitebait fish poking their heads out from beneath the crust looking toward the stars (hence the name!).

Seafood Galore

The UK being an island nation means that fish can be found in almost every corner of the nation with a favourite being the traditional fish and chips. There are posher versions of this that pair well with some delicious French whites such as Chenin Blanc and in general any of the seafood you will find in and around the South and South West of the island will be delicious, fresh caught and well prepared by those with the sea in their blood. Fishing runs deep throughout the nation and you will find a number of delicious fish dishes all over the country which pairs beautifully with white French wines.

Venison and Game

Venison and game in general have always been high on the priority list throughout the ages and for good reason. The UK offers some of the best game around which has been hunted in its woods and forests for hundreds and hundreds of years. Understandably, rich red wines such as Shiraz and Pinot Noir tend to pair beautifully with the tender game meat of venison and boar, resulting in a luxurious meal, fit for a romantic evening in.

There you have a quick run down on the delicious foods available in the UK and Ireland as well as suggestions on wines to pair with them. On your next trip to the UK be sure to try some of their impressive local dishes, especially the venison with a Pinot Noir for the ultimate in dining.

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