What Are the Best Small Gifts to Buy As You Travel?

If you love buying gifts from foreign countries but don’t want to end up with a bulging suitcase what are the best small gifts you can buy on your travels? The following are some classic small souvenirs from a number of different countries across the world.

Russia – Russian Dolls

These are little wooden dolls which fit inside each other until only the biggest one remains visible. They are more accurately called Matryoshka dolls and they come in a huge range of designs. If you look for some to buy while you are in Russia you might be amazed at how many different themes you can choose from.  These are among the most unique and traditional gifts you can buy from Russia and they won’t take up too much room in your luggage either.

The UK – A London Tea Set

Once you get to London you will realize that there is a whole world of gift ideas featuring the traditional British symbols such as the red telephone box, the red double decker bus, the red post box and suchlike. Any of these things can be a lovely and interesting gift. Perhaps the best way to take something like this home is with something inside it, and what is more typical in the UK than tea?   A tea set featuring some of the top symbols of this country is a great idea.

Spain – A Fan

If you go to Spain during the hot and sticky summer months you will probably be treated to the sight of many ladies cooling themselves down using a fan. The popularity of the fan in this country means that they are commonly sold as souvenirs to tourists. They come in many beautiful designs and are incredibly easy to transport, as well as being fairly cheap to buy. If you live somewhere with hot weather then it can even be a practical gift to give to someone as well as a lovely one.

Argentina – Mate Set

If the Brits drink a lot of tea then the Argentines drink even more mate. This is a natural infusion which you will see people drinking everywhere you go. It is easy to get hold of a mate set in any touristy shop around the country. This will include the gourd you drink from, a metal straw and the dried herbs you make the drink with. These items come in a variety of designs and some of them would look great in a display cabinet back home. Of course, you will hope that the person you give the gift to makes good use of it and drinks some of this healthy beverage now and then too.

China – Chinese Traditional Dress

If you are buying for a lady back home then you will find some incredibly beautiful dresses on sale in China. The different styles of traditional clothing differ across the country, so be sure to look for one which suits the person you are buying for.

Photo by parascubasailor on Flickr

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