What New Career Will Backpacking Give You?

When you set out on your first backpacking trip you won’t know just how much it is going to change your life. One of the aspects which you might not think of before heading off is that of your career. Many travelers end up discovering new career choices and seeing work in a different way by the time they get home. So what new career could you end up with?

Travel Blog Writing

Some of the best and most handsome backpackers end up writing blogs about travelling! This is a great way to earn some money while you travel but it could turn into something more long term for you when you get home. After all, you will have discovered by then that writing travel blogs is pretty good fun to do and that it lets you live a flexible sort of lifestyle as well. You could either look for a paid job writing on someone else’s blog or else set up your own and then try to monetize it. The second option is tougher but probably more rewarding in the long term.

Language Related Work

It is great to feel that you are picking up a few words in other languages on your travels. It might be that you are happy using this new found knowledge for little more than ordering banana pancakes and asking where the toilets are. However, there is also the possibility that you discover that you have a thirst for learning languages and end up spending a lot more time doing it. This could lead you to a new career in which you use your new language to translate, to deal with international customers or to do any one of a number of other exciting things.


Most backpackers head off with a camera to record their travels. What happens if you realize after a while that you are pretty good at taking photos? It could be that a new career in photography beckons for you. If you are at all interested in taking pictures then this trip is going to offer you a unique chance to take amazing photos of places you might never visit again. We all love to look at great pictures of exotic places and if you have a gift for capturing the essence of the city or the character of the locals then it could turn into a very profitable career for you.

Travel Work

Once you start travelling you might not want to stop. Traditionally, one of the best ways of managing to earn money while abroad was to do some travel related work. This could mean being a tour guide, working in a travel agency or maybe offering some sort of service in a popular tourist destination. The ease with which it is now possible to work online means that this is probably no longer quite so common. However, it is still a great way of working and doing something which can give you skills you could then take with you to your next destination as well.

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