What Travel Paperwork Can You Leave at Home?

When you decide to travel as lightly as possible you probably make an effort to leave at home some clothes, toiletries and other things which take up a lot of space. However, what about the paperwork you take with you? Can you leave some of this behind as well?

A few papers might not seem like a big deal but there are some good reasons for leaving them at home. For a start, you might get nervous about relying on bits of paper which are in your luggage. If you haven’t considered other ways of travelling then you might think that losing them could be a disaster. Another reason for thinking about this issue is that it is far more environmentally to not print off sheets of paper you don’t need. So, what papers are we talking about?

Your Flight Ticket

One of the pieces of paperwork you are most likely to fret over is the flight ticket. If you are worried about losing this then maybe it is time to check whether you even need it. When you are booking your flight you can check with the airline whether or not they offer an e-ticket or ticketless option. This is something which is done in different ways by different airlines, so it pays to check what their rules are and how you can do it. For example, in some cases you can turn up to the airport with nothing more than proof of your identity, while other airlines might ask you to print off a copy of the e-ticket from your email. As long as you check the requirements before travelling to the airport you will be fine. In fact, some airlines even let you check in quicker in the self service queue if you are travelling in a ticketless way.

Your Hotel Booking

We can place your hotel booking in the same sort of category as your flight ticket. There is really no need to turn up with printed confirmation of your booking anymore. Now you can just store a copy of the confirmation on your phone in case you are asked for proof of the reservation. Of course, having easy access on your phone to the details of the hotel is a good idea, as you might find that your mind goes blank upon arrival when it comes to the details of where you are staying.

Anything Else You Can Carry Electronically

If you are taking a phone, a tablet or a laptop with you then it is easy to take scanned documents with you. By taking away details of your trip in this way there is no need to carry a lot of paper about with you. Your electronic device can also be used to store things like emergency contact details and anything else you might need on the trip. This should take a weight off your mind, even if it doesn’t result in your luggage being all that much lighter than it would have been.

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