Where is the Best Destination in Australia?

The further you go from home the more difficult it is to travel without a lot of baggage. For a lot of us Australia is about as far away as it gets. While this is a difficult place to travel in a minimalist way it is definitely worth going there if you can. So, which destination in Australia would you choose?


Sydney is the first name that springs to mind for many of us when we think of trips to Australia. As we will see, it is far from the only fantastic destination but it is one which is worth considering. This is the biggest city in the country and somewhere which offers a lot of exciting stuff to do. If you want a big, vibrant city with some famous sights and attractions and an incredibly high quality of life then you can’t do much better than checking out Sydney.


In Australia there is an ongoing debate about which one is the greatest city; Sydney or Melbourne. It is a subject which always brings up some strong points of view but as a tourist you can simply enjoy both or either of them. Melbourne doesn’t usually have weather which is as nice as in Sydney but it has a lot of other positives going for it. This is an arty, hip city where live music and art shows are among the best things to plan. Melbourne is also a top city for shopping in and offers a laid back vibe which captivates many visitors from their very first day there.


Perth is one of the most isolated cities you will ever visit, sitting on the west coast of the country. It is the 4th biggest city in Australia and is famous for its amazing beaches and friendly people. Like Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is regularly ranked in the very top places in the lists of most livable cities in the world. The summers are hot and dry here, with cultural events being among the top attractions for tourists visiting Perth.


While the previous Australian cities we looked at are all big, world famous ones you might not know a lot about Darwin. This is the capital city of the lightly populated Northern Territory and feels like a remote, tropical city. The weather here can be stiflingly hot at time, with the start of the rainy season in Darwin renowned for the spectacular rain storms and cyclones which sometimes occur. It is a lovely city where you can enjoy some great festivals such as the Speargrass Festival, the Seabreeze Festival and weird Darwin Beer Can Regatta, in which fun loving locals try to set sail in vessels made out of beer cans and bottles.


With so much choice – we haven’t even mentioned Hobart, Brisbane or a bunch of other places – it can be tough working out where to go in Australia. If you don’t have the time to visit a few cities it makes sense to go with your instincts and choose the one which sounds like your ideal kind of place. You are unlikely to regret it – just make sure you grab an Australia visa ETA beforehand!

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