Why a Winter Break in Tenerife is So Welcome

The biggest of the Canary Islands is also the most heavily populated and the most popular with tourists. Tenerife is famous for its holiday resorts and during the summer months it is packed with sun seekers looking for a great time. However, it is also a tremendous place for a winter break too.

All Year Round Sun

The fact that Tenerife is so far south of the Spanish mainland means that the weather tends to be even better than in other popular Spanish holiday resorts. While winter can get very cold in places such as Benidorm, Alicante and Barcelona it is usually very pleasant in the Canary Islands. This means that it is a fantastic holiday option for anyone who lives in a colder country like the UK and wants to feel a bit of winter sun on their face. If you draw a straight line across from Tenerife to the African continent then you will end up in the Sahara Desert, so it no real surprise to find that winter temperatures tend to be over 20 degrees. For good reason this is called the Island of Eternal Spring.

Lots to Do

One reason why winter breaks in holiday resorts can be disappointing is that a lot of them virtually shut up shop for those months, with only a few hotels and restaurants left open. This isn’t the case in Tenerife, as it is still a hugely popular destination for holidaymakers at this time of year. As well as the facilities in the resorts you will also find that winter is a brilliant time to explore the island’s natural beauty. This is an island with lots of things for tourists to see, from the rugged coastlines and the volcanoes to the stunning views of the ocean.  Best of all, while you will come across other tourists it won’t be as busy as it would be in summer time, so you will be able to explore the place with fewer crowds around you. There are also some interesting events and festivals held here in the winter months. For example, the world famous Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife doesn’t happen on the same day every year but is usually held round about February time. It is the second biggest carnival event on the planet after the one held in Rio de Janeiro.

Good Value

Tenerife is a good value holiday destination at any time of year but even more so in winter. If you want a great holiday then Tenerife is a great choice. There are plenty of hotels to choose from and you should find that accommodation is cheaper as well as easier to find during these months. In fact, some families decide that it makes more sense to travel out to the Canary Islands in winter time instead of taking a summer holiday and that it is a pretty smart move to be honest. If you want a good value break and are happy with a slightly stronger sun in the sky then winter time will let you enjoy a great time in Tenerife.

Photo by grubbenvorst on Flickr

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